DJ Khaled Threatening To Sue Billboard After His New Album Doesn't Hit #1

Someone is NOT happy that his album did not go to #1 — DJ Khaled is now planning on suing Billboard for it in fact.

The story goes like this: Khaled was aiming for his third straight #1 album with “Father Of Asahd” last month, but when the official numbers came in, he was 30,000 short of Tyler the Creator’s IGOR. Khaled wasn’t happy about that, because now he wants to sue Billboard over the way those albums were counted.

Essentially, according to Consequence of Sound:

Khaled is accusing Billboard of omitting albums sold as part of a bundle deal with an energy drink, which would have added 100,000 units to his final total. Khaled says Billboard initially agreed to include albums from the energy drink bundle, but later reversed its decision, citing “anomalies” in the data. Compounding Khaled’s anger was the fact Billboard apparently included Tyler’s own bundle deal figures in its total.

Billboard says they're going to update how they do things, but it doesn't appear it's coming anytime soon. So Khaled will likely have to settle for second place this go-around.



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