Baskin-Robbins Announces 'Stranger Things' Themed Desserts Are Coming

As if you weren’t excited enough about Stranger Things’ upcoming season 3, Baskin Robbins is truly changing the game. The ice cream company announced they are launching a complete line of products and flavors this summer that are completely Stranger Things-inspired! They’ll be available starting June 1st, and some of the stuff you can pick up:

  • Eleven’s Heaven (waffle cone-flavored ice cream with chocolate-coated sugar cone pieces and a chocolate icing flavored ribbon)
  • Upside Down Sundae (featuring the Upside Down Pralines Flavor of the Month that’s built upside down with the toppings on the bottom)
  • Demogorgon Sunade (waffle bowl sundae resembling a Demogorgon monster)
  • Byers’ House Lights Polar Pizza Ice Cream Treat (flashback to season 1 that includes a chocolate chip polar pizza crust with Snickers ice cream, topped with strings of fudge and M&Ms chocolate candy Christmas lights)

We are SO ready for all of this! Check out more info here!



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