Peddler's Village To Host 'Game of Thrones' Murder Mystery Event

How awesome is this! “Game of Thrones” is coming local to Bucks County! A theatrical spinoff — a murder mystery dinner series to be exact — is coming to Peddler’s Village, the large outdoor shopping and dining grounds. They announced this week they’ll hold a recurring event called “Murder Mystery Dinner Theater: Crime of Thrones”, with special previews starting June 7th and 8th.

The synopsis of the event is as follows:

Now that the battle for the Iron Throne is over and peace has been brought to Westeros and Essos, all of our favorite characters (or what is left of them) are enjoying the serenity that the truce between the dynasties has wrought. In fact, they have found that they have much more in common than they thought, and they all ultimately agreed that the Iron Throne was ridiculously uncomfortable and should be replaced. The Throne has been traded out for a Barcalounger that Dani found on sale – and it even has a cup holder! However, is it possible for this group of survivors to resist their ultimately bloodthirsty natures and keep the peace in the Seven Kingdoms?

This sounds amazing! Check out more info here!



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