SNL's Kenan Thompson Invites Gritty To Appear on Saturday Night Live

Um, how great would this be? Basically a dream come true! Gritty’s had a big week and it’s just getting bigger — he went from winning a Webby Award AND an award on Good Morning America to now be invited onto Saturday Night Live!

On Tuesday, Kenan Thompson made the big invite so that Gritty could make his SNL debut.

This was the whole exchange, courtesy of PhillyVoice:
"KADE: I want to ask you about Gritty. Gritty has become national news over the last year. What do you think about the orange guy?
THOMPSON: Leave it up to Philly to come up with a crazy mascot like that. Just those eyes. I don’t know, man. He haunts a lot of people’s dreams, I know that.
KADE: He’d be a great SNL actor, I think.
THOMPSON: We got to get him on. We got to get him on. It’d be awesome for a cold open with Trump or something.
KADE: All the sudden, Gritty runs out, just hits him with his stomach.
THOMPSON: Yeah, and everything’s fine. Gritty, please, come to SNL. I’ll take care of you. It’s on me, trust me. Just have them call up, 'We got Gritty downstairs.' 'Oh yeah, send him up.'"

Check out the video below!



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