Pennsylvania Ranks Third Among States for Number of Bigfoot Sightings!

Certainly didn't see this one coming! Apparently, many Pennsylvanians have seen bigfoot! Enough of us claim to have seen him to be the third state in the country with the most sightings!

This all comes from the Travel Channel and the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization who came up with a ranking of the top 8 places to see Bigfoot right now, and apparently PA is one of them! Washington was #1, wtih 2,032 sightings, and California was 2nd with 1,697. Pennsylvania had 1,340.

This is their official write-up about Bigfoot in PA:

“Not surprisingly, the Appalachian range has a high number of Bigfoot sightings. With hundreds of miles of connected forestlands, it’s a prime space for a large animal to go undetected. One of Pennsylvania’s most interesting cases involves a mountain biker who, while taking a rest, thought he was watching the back-end of a bear as it rummaged through a downed-tree. The biker’s curiosity turned to shock when the animal stood up. What he thought was a bear was actually a giant 7-foot bipedal creature covered in black hair.”

Have you seen Bigfoot in PA? Let's also enjoy one of the many videos out there with the Top 10 "sightings" of Bigfoot, shall we?



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