TV Actress Appears ANGRY That Her Show Got Renewed For Another Season

So, this is not the usual reaction that we see from actors and actresses who just got their TV shows renewed for another season — Constance Wu of “Fresh Off The Boat” appeared actually ANGRY on social media today that her show got picked up for a 6th season.

In a series of tweets, Wu said she was “so uspet now that I’m literally crying” and when someone told her it was “Great news” that Fresh Off The Boat got renewed, she said, “No it’s not.” Huh??

Apparently, she also wrote “dislike” under a post announcing the renewal of the show. She also used a few expletives below in other tweets, which you can see with caution.

She then tweeted again after all of that, making an odd statement about how she just curses a lot and it has nothing to do with the show. So far, she has no official statement, and neither does ABC.



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