Phillies Throw Shade Back At Smash Mouth After They Came For Bryce Harper

Lesson learned: don't tweet something going after Bryce Harper because you'll probably end up embarrased!

So this all started when Smash Mouth decided to tweet their disdain about Bryce being a Phillie and saying he should've been playing for San Fran:


Not sure why Smash Mouth of all people was getting involved, especially in 2019, but hey these things never make any sense. We patiently waited to see if Bryce would end up responding, but he took the high road never mentioned it.

What was even more perfect was on Tuesday, Bryce simply let the baseball doing the talking, as they routed the Cardinals 11-1, and the Phillies tweeted out a video of his grand slam, simply with some classic Smash Mouth lyrics. Can't wait to see if they end up responding... but we're going to say they probably won't!


Photo: Getty


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