Doctor Shares Life-Changing Technique That Clears A Stuffy Nose In Seconds

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Winter is fast approaching, which means it won't be long before you wind up catching a cold. Even if it isn't severe, you'll still likely have to deal with one of the most miserable parts of being sick - the stuffiness. Having your nasal airways blocked is not only frustrating, it's painful since it causes your head to throb from all the pressure on your sinus cavities. You can try nose sprays or decongestants for relief, but it takes time for them to work, if they even do - the FDA recently revealed many are useless. So where does that leave you? Well one doctor is sharing his method on how to clear out clogged sinuses and nostrils in mere seconds.

His name is Dr. Mandell and he posted a video on YouTube that details how you can quickly drain your sinuses, using just your hands. All you need to do is place your thumb on your cheekbone and push in and then outward, all while pulling on your ear. A few seconds of that exercise and your misery should be over.

As for how to help with a stuffy nose, you'll need to squeeze your nose closed while taking in and holding a deep breath as you tilt back your head. According to the doctor, this action sends a message to your brain that triggers a reflex that drains and opens up your nasal area.

The doctor says the method works "like magic" and notes that you can do it as often as it is needed.

Find more tips from Dr. Mandell at his YouTube channel.

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