These Dua Lipa Horoscopes Are Scary Accurate

I always enjoy reading horoscopes, just to see if they are remotely close to applying to my life. Some are pretty generic and could apply to anyone. Some are not even close, but this one...this one seems scary accurate. I texted a few to our listeners and they said it was spot on. According to Elite Daily, there is a Dua Lipa song to describe your love life based on your sign! Check the full description here and see if it's true.

Aries - "Levitating"

Taurus - "Lost In Your Light"

Gemini - "Break My Heart"

Cancer - "Love Again"

Leo - "Hotter Than Hell"

Virgo - "New Rules"

Scorpio - "Physical"

Sagittarius - "Don't Start Now"

Capricorn - "IDGAF"

Aquarius - "Future Nostalgia"

Pisces - "Hallucinate"

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