Will Smith Meets The Man Who Wrote A Song About Him

Ok there's a lot of things at play here. First thing's first, Joyner Lucas made this dope song about his idol, legend Will Smith. He even made a doper video that seamlessly goes from one Will Smith project to the next. From Fresh Prince to Men In Black, it is an absolute must see!

Second of all I'm a big fan of "giving someone flowers while they can still smell them" which is a Kanye West lyric that basically means don't wait til someone is gone to tell them what you feel about them and how much they mean to you. So big shoutout to Joyner Lucas for doing that who is also a dope rapper in his own right.

Thirdly, Will Smith started a snapchat series called "Will From Home" since everybody is on #WFH vibes, which you can see a trailer for here. On his latest episode, Jayden Smith set up for the two to meet over the phone which is incredible. Then they all watched the video together and you can see a clip of their reactions.

Will Smith Launches Snapchat Series "Will From Home" - Thumbnail Image

Will Smith Launches Snapchat Series "Will From Home"

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