Important Info For People Not Able To Pay Rent

People are worried about being able to pay rent or their mortgage coming up on April 1. And with good reason. Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic many businesses are closing. A lot of people are out of work or only working limited hours which means they are not making as much money as normal. Luckily according to 6abc, there are steps you can take to help out if you feel like you can't make the upcoming payments. There is going to be a 60 day grace period which won't let you be immediately evicted or locked out of your home. However this doesn't apply to all homes, but only homes with mortgages under Fannie May, Freddie Mac or insured by the FHA. But something everyone can do is contact your landlord and let them know about the financial hardships you have due to the pandemic. There is also a few banks that are helping out and some other options you can try. Get the full list here.

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