Who Did The Dak Dance Better?

Now I know here in Philadelphia we are not big fans of the Dallas Cowboys or even anyone or anyTHING related to them. However, you have to admit this is pretty hilarious. For those who don't know, some video footage of Dak Prescott's warmup got out and the rest is history. The internet wasted no time in turning it into a meme adding music to it and creating the Dak Dance! Just watch the first few to get the idea! My favorite comes at 1:48


Hilarious right?! But it doesn't stop there! Last Friday we went to see WWE Smackdown at Wells Fargo Center. We were up close and saw 1/2 of the Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston doing the dance while waiting for their opponents


And then I even changed my pre-show warm up routine


Don't be surprised if you see me doing that all night at the club! LOL

Eliott King

Eliott King

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