Which Sixers Made The Top 50 NBA Players

The NBA regular season is almost here and you can feel the excitement! The Sixers have been looking good in the pre-season, winning easily in most games but let's not get too hype off of pre-season wins. Complex got the baskteball world buzzing with it's latest list of the Top 50 NBA players. There will be some debate but what is not up for debate is that the Sixers starting lineup is stacked! 4 out of starting 5 is in the top 50! That's pretty incredible. You get 2, ok...3 look out, but 4?!! That is something truly special. Here's where the boys landed. Do you agree or disagree with these rankings??

#7 - Joel Embiid

#17 - Ben Simmons

#34 - Tobias Harris

#40 - Al Horford

Eliott King

Eliott King

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