Is This Miley Cyrus Makeout Session Gross or Goals?


I can't decide if this is gross or is this relationship goals? It's no secret that recently single Miley Cyrus has been enjoying her freedom and has been spotted lately hanging out with Cody Simpson. The two haven't been shy of sharing pics of themselves on the internet and they took it to the next level by posting a video of them making out as "The Joker".

Here's how it could be gross. Clowns are already creepy as it is. Maybe it wouldn't been as bad if only one of them was The Joker, but seeing two clowns get intimate and the amount of tongue Miley is using could be gross. Not to mention she was just married like 2 days ago, so flaunting your new flames for the public eye that quick is gross.

But this could also be seen as goals. You found a partner that's willing to be silly with you and make funny videos. Or you just found that person who's wild enough to try some weird roleplay? I don't know, what do you think? See some other pics of the new couple here

Eliott King

Eliott King

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