How To React To A "Private" Bebe Rexha

Unfortunately we live in a sick, sick world. A world in where guys can't keep it in their pants and feel the need to share. As a male I'm very strongly against sending "D" pics and you should never....EVVVVEEERRR send one UNSOLICITED! If your significant other requests one to keep things spicy, I'll be more understanding. But if you're a female you are more than likely to receive a pic of this nature for no reason. So how do you react? Well Bebe Rexha gave us a little guide. Here's the meanings behind each picture from the mouth of Bebe herself!.

  1. "Oh Sh**" (don't know if that's positive or negative)
  2. "F*** you my d*** is bigger than yours"
  3. "Let's do this"
  4. blushing
  5. depression cured
  6. Where is it?

Lol! Leave the best way to react in the comments

Eliott King

Eliott King

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