Max talks collaborations, Wiz Khalifa tour, and more!

Max stops by our Q102 studios to dish on collaboration, the Wiz Khalifa tour, and more. 

Max shares which Philly artist he would love to collaborate with - Lil Dicky - and dishes on his collaboration with Lil Uzi Vert saying, "I had Lil Uzi on my last record, of course. We did the Fallout Boy/Wiz Khalifa tour together and put him on my song 'Wrong' like way before I feel like he was the Lil Uzi we know today, so, I love him, he's a fun-size killa just like me." Max also shares that he met his now wife while on that tour. 

Then we surprise Max with the news that he will be at our Q102 $102Grand in the Sand event on July 28th in Atlantic City. Max's reaction is priceless as he exclaims, "Oh my god! Am I?! I'm doing that!? I didn't even know that! Oh snap! Cool! It's gonna be fire, baby! Let's go! Oh I can't wait! Oh I didn't even know I'm doing that! That's sick!" Win your Golden Shovel for a chance to dig $102,000 worth of prizes in the sand including trips to Paris, Venice, LA, and Cabo, a 2019 Chevy Camaro, $5k in cash, spa treatments, and so much more!

So what's next for Max...? He shares that a new song will be released next month! And keep an ear out for 'Love Me Less' remixes! 

Speaking of remixes, Max shares some of the craziest remixes that he's heard of his songs as well as the FIRST time he's heard his song in public. Max explains, "I think I was at a grocery store the first time I heard 'Lights Down Low' like out in the open. I was in a Trader Joes with my wife and it just was on at Trader Joes. And I think that was the moment. I was like, 'Oh snap! This is tight! ... I was like picking out carrots, getting some hummus - it was wild! The grocery store moment is definitely the wild moment. Where you're like 'whoa! I didn't expect this.'

While the grocery store might be the most exciting place Max has heard his song, it's not the most exciting place that he's performed his song. Max shares a crazy story about performing 'Light Down Low,' at the Cheetah Club Strip Club!

Check out the full interview now and join us on the beach in Atlantic City on July 28th for the Q102 $102Grand in the Sand!



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