Top 7 Philly Inspired Halloween Costumes

1. Ben "Clown" Simmons

He has been the talk of the town! Need something to do with that Ben Simmons jersey this Halloween? Pair it with a clown nose & wig. You'll be sure to stand out!

2. Dunphy

Philly sports fan who was made famous for attending Eagles game with his classic tattoos on display.

3. Eagles Fan From Delco

SayBurm nailed everything about this! Snag a vintage Eagles Starters jacket, a pack of smokes & backwards hat... you'll be ready to go!

4. Adam Sandler in Philadelphia

Adam Sandler spent much for September & October in Philadelphia filming his upcoming film, Hustle. There were so many photos & videos snapped of him & his outfits are pretty easy to copy!

5. Gritty From The Flyers

You can just be gritty or make this a bit sexier! It's easy to piece together & you'll be sure to stand out!

6. Ben Franklin

You can literally never go wrong with good ol' Ben in Philadelphia!

7. Rocky

Philly & Rocky go hand in hand so of course - dressing as Rocky for Halloween is always tribute to Philly! There are so many Rocky looks like you go with it! Plus, you can have Adrian to your Rocky! Or tap into the Creed film & go with Adonis! SOOOO MANYYYY OPTIONNSSSS

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