A summer job that consists of making S'mores & laying in hammocks ALL DAY!

Get paid to chill - that is the dream & Coors Light is here to help you do it! They will pay $5,000 for minimal work.

What we Know is that there are four types of "jobs" that are actually things you'd love doing in the summertime anyways. The titles include:

  • Beer Bouncer
  • S’moretender
  • Hammock Mechanic
  • Backyard Lifeguard

According to Thrillist, four new employees are sought at the Jersey Shore &, and one in each of the following locations:

  • Denver
  • New York
  • Cleveland
  • Tampa
  • Lincoln, Nebraska

The official rules of the contest say that each winner/new employee will receive $5,000 for their services (although it doesn’t stipulate exactly what they involve, nor the time commitment required).

The rules also say that a total of four prizes will be awarded, totaling $20,000, and never mention any of the information provided by Thrillist on the different job locations, and what adds to up a total of nine positions. So that part’s a little confusing. But if nothing else, you know that there will be at least four winners.

How to apply for the summer jobs

To be considered for these positions, write a short description (300 words, max) on why you should get paid to chill this summer, and email it, along with your state of residence and age to paidtochill@coorslight.com by 11:59 p.m. CT on July 12.

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