Britney Spears' Father Has Leg Amputated After 'Terrible Infection'

Photo: Getty Images

Britney Spears' estranged father, Jamie Spears, has reportedly had his leg amputated. A source from the singer's hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana told Page Six that Jamie had to have his leg amputated last month due to an infection.

"He had a knee replacement and got a terrible infection from it," the insider shared. Page Six added that Jamie had several unsuccessful surgeries before the amputation, which was "a last resort."

The unfortunate news comes nearly two months after reports that Jamie was "severely ill" after being hospitalized "several months ago." A source told Page Six at the time, “Jamie has been suffering with a bad infection that has required surgery. He has been hospitalized for weeks in a special infectious disease facility.” In August, TMZ reported that he was dealing with complications from a knee replacement he underwent in the mid-2000s. Sources added that he had "lost more than 25 pounds" and looked "extremely thin" as he went "in and out" of medical care.

In September 2021, Jamie was revealed as Britney's conservator and the pop star told the public that he had been "abusive" while controlling her personal, medical, and financial decisions. Shortly after, a judge in Los Angeles terminated the pop icon's conservatorship after 13 years. In October of 2022, Spears shared a scathing post about her father and her family for going "along with it and treat me like a f–king dog."

Britney seemingly reconnected with her older brother in a recent post about him and she was reported to have reunited with her mother after their public feud.

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