Katy Perry Is Headed To Court

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Katy Perry finds herself entangled in a legal saga over her Montecito mansion, purchased with fiancé Orlando Bloom in 2020 for $15 million.

The dispute revolves around the property's previous owner, 84-year-old Carl Westcott, who claims he was not mentally fit to sign any binding contracts due to a brain disorder known as Huntington's Disease.

In court documents, Perry's business manager, Bernie Gudvi's attorney, argued that Westcott's brain condition did not impair his capacity, while Westcott's attorney contended that recent spinal surgery and painkiller medication caused delusions and intrusive thoughts.

Perry's involvement in the case extends to her seeking over $5 million in damages for lost rental income and property maintenance expenses. Her attorney proposed remote testimony due to her work commitments, including a TV series in Alabama, but requested a closed court session.

However, the judge ruled in favor of remote testimony but denied the request for a closed court, emphasizing that Perry, like anyone else, should answer questions.

The legal drama unfolds amidst Perry's expanding career, including a Las Vegas residency and her role as a returning judge on American Idol, all while raising a daughter with Orlando Bloom.

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