This Is The Best Bakery In Pennsylvania

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A Philadelphia bakery is being credited as the best in the Keystone State. compiled a list of the best bakery in every state, which lists Essen Bakery as the top choice for Pennsylvania.

"Essen Bakery has received nothing but glowing reviews on multiple platforms," Mashed's Molly Allen wrote. "The inspiration behind these offerings at this South Philadelphia gem has come from Chef Tova du Plessis and her experience at a handful of top U.S. restaurants. She's been recognized as a semi-finalist for the 2020 James Beard Outstanding Baker award, along with receiving recognition for her challah bread. But even if challah isn't your favorite, this sweet spot offers other delicious choices such as guava pop tarts, chocolate rugelach, and Jewish apple cake."

Here is Mashed's full list of the best bakery in every state:

  1. Alabama- JoZettie's Cupcakes
  2. Alaska- Great Harvest Bread Company
  3. Arizona- Squarz
  4. Arkansas- Rick's Bakery
  5. California- Milk Jar Cookies
  6. Colorado- Wimberger's Old World Bakery & Delicatessen
  7. Connecticut- Neil's Donuts and Bake Shop
  8. Delaware- Bing's Bakery
  9. Florida- B Bistro + Bakery
  10. Georgia- Root Baking Co.
  11. Hawaii- Liliha Bakery
  12. Idaho- Janjou Patisserie
  13. Illinois- Lost Larson
  14. Indiana- Amelia's Bread
  15. Iowa- Jaarsma Bakery
  16. Kansas- Wheatfields Bakery
  17. Kentucky- Bluegrass Baking Company
  18. Louisiana- Willa Jean
  19. Maine- Standard Baking Co.
  20. Maryland- Harmony Bakery
  21. Massachusetts- Sofra Bakery
  22. Michigan- Sister Pie
  23. Minnesota- Sun Street Breads
  24. Mississippi- Sugaree's Bakery
  25. Missouri- Nathaniel Reid Bakery
  26. Montana- Black Cat Bake Shop
  27. Nebraska- Sweet Magnolias Bake Shop
  28. Nevada- Freed's Bakery
  29. New Hampshire- Elephantine Bakery
  30. New Jersey- Balthazar Bakery
  31. New Mexico- Golden Crown Panaderia
  32. New York- Levain Bakery
  33. North Carolina- La Farm Bakery
  34. North Dakota- Nichole's Fine Pastry
  35. Ohio- Boosalis Baking & Cafe
  36. Oklahoma- Pie Junkie
  37. Oregon- Ken's Artisan Bakery
  38. Pennsylvania- Essen Bakery
  39. Rhode Island- Wright's Dairy Farm & Bakery
  40. South Carolina- Sugar Bakeshop
  41. South Dakota- CH Patisserie
  42. Tennessee- Muddy's Bake Shop
  43. Texas- Mi Tierra Café y Panadería
  44. Utah- Fillings & Emulsions
  45. Vermont- Sticky Fingers
  46. Virginia- Blackbird Bakery
  47. Washington- Le Panier
  48. West Virginia- Sokolata
  49. Wisconsin- Batch Bakehouse
  50. Wyoming- Persephone Bakery

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