Quarantine Crafts: DIY LED Floral Wall Art To Glam Up The At Home Office

Can I just take a second to gawk at my own masterpiece?!

Given... It's MUCH easier than It looks, but holy cow does It give my at-home office a GLOW up -- literally!

I actually got the inspo for this at Target... It's literally a matter of putting a pre-mad/purchased LED sign on top of a custom false flower arrangement (That of which I grew up doing with my mom and I love)

All I did was save the cardboard packaging that the LED light came in, traced the acrylic shape of the sign to the cardboard to know where the holes were to secure It to the board, poked those holes in there, then arranged some flowers that I bought from the craft store! Once I hot glued them on in the arrangement that I liked, I secured the LED sign to them with gold wire, and connected them in the back to make a hanger. Once I found the perfect spot on my wall to place It, you simply hang It up and enjoy!

Check out my How-To video HERE of how It came out!