Server Gets $2K Tip But Restaurant Won’t Give Her The Money

She was super excited to get a $2,000 tip on a bill, but the restaurant she works at won’t give her the full amount.

According to news station KVUE in Austin, Emily Bauer was new to the job and was scheduled to work a busy Sunday shift at Red Hook Seafood and Bar in San Antonio.

A man who she served ended up giving her the massive tip after Emily kept apologizing to him for taking too long. He understood and when he gave her the tip, she was ecstatic to spend it on her kids for the holidays.

However, when it was time to pay out the tips, the restaurant refused to give Emily all $2,000 of the tip, citing company policy limiting tip payout to no more than $500. Not really fair, right?

Emily’s co-workers even insisted to have the restaurant pay out the tip as 4 separate $500 amounts but the restaurant still refused.

Hopefully, those grinches will come around to their senses and give Emily what she deserves!

Photo: Getty Images

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