Top Ten Thanksgiving Side Dishes People Are Already Fantasizing About

With November pretty much here, people are already looking forward to the Thanksgiving food (mostly the side dishes for me.)

We also know that this year, Turkey Day is going to look different from years past. According to a new survey, people are already dreaming about the food to cope with the stress that this holiday usually brings - and how the pandemic will double our stress levels.

Here are the top side dishes (in percentages) people are already dreaming of stuffing their face with:

1. Mashed potatoes, 71%

2. Stuffing, 66%

3. Gravy, 59%.

4. Cranberry sauce, 53%.

5. Sweet potato casserole, 48%.

6. Biscuits, 48%.

7. Green bean casserole, 47%.

8. Macaroni and cheese, 42%.

9. Roasted carrots, 32%.

10. Brussels sprouts with bacon, 31%.

Photo: Getty Images

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