Instagram's 10th Anniversary Brings Classic Icons, Anti-Bullying Features

Remember the good ol "Polaroid" icon when Instagram first launched 10 years ago, before logos became "flat"?

To celebrate the app's 10th birthday this month, Instagram is letting its users revert back to the old logos (yes, even the pre-Facebook ownership days).

Go to settings and swipe down to reveal some party emojis celebrating the anniversary. There, you’ll unlock the icons and a get a special message about Instagram's 10th birthday.

The bigger, more important update to the app introduces anti-bullying features and brings back the photo map. These new warnings when someone attempts to post an insensitive comment will note that Instagram may disable users’ accounts if they are multiple offenders. It won’t prevent you from posting negative comments, but it comes as a warning to think about it before posting it.

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images