Facebook Is Offering Users Money To Deactivate Their Accounts

Do you still use Facebook? You probably found this article using Facebook, so the answer is seemingly, yes.

How would you like to make money be deactivating your Facebook account? The social media giant is offering some users $10, even $20 a week to users if they keep their account deactivated during a six-week period of the upcoming election season.

Facebook is doing research on its own platform to see how much of an impact they have on democracy in our country. If you've seen the posts of some friends and family on the platform, you could say it's pretty influential.

The company says it expects about 200,000 to 400,000 users to opt-in on the digital study.

So, if you already deactivated Facebook, you missed out on easy money. Otherwise, be on the lookout for an invite!

(Source: The Verge)

Source: Getty Images

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