Mulan To Be Released On Disney Plus In September

It's finally happening! I've wanted this since the pandemic began and postponed the movie's theatrical release. Disney announced this week that the live-action adaptation of Mulan will be released on their streaming platform, Disney Plus, on September 4th.

There is a catch, however.

Although you may already have a subscription to the service, Disney will charge $29.99 to rent the movie for its digital premiere. The movie will release in theaters globally where Disney Plus is unavailable. Your first thought may be, "wow, thirty bucks to rent it at home!?" but if you give it some thought, prices for adult movie tickets are already in the $12-20 range depending on what kind of experience you pay for (IMAX, 3D, etc). The price is similar to two matinee tickets, and you can eat ALL the concessions you want at home in your very own kitchen!

Will you be grabbing Mulan when it hits Disney Plus?

Photo: Getty Images

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