NJ Pre-K Teacher Shares Her Viral List of Children's Books About Racism

Rowan University Graduate and now one of Atlantic City's more re-known Pre-K teachers, Brittany Smith, has gone viral on social media after posting a list of Children's books that relate to educating kids on the topic of race and racism at an early age.

Given the recent events of George Floyd, the topic of racism has been discussed not only within each household, but across the nation. We're all in need of a better education... so why not start earlier!

For a lot of us, It has been hard to find the right words in terms of educating our children on the Black Lives Matter Movement, which is why Brittany felt inclined as an educator, to post a list of some children's books that could help stimulate that conversation at home for the kids!

And It was clearly much appreciated because the post went VIRAL for all to share!

Check out what she had to say below:

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