Sony Made A Personal Air Conditioner That You Wear And It's Awesome

Looking to save yourself from the summer heat? Look no further with Sony's personal air conditioner - first revealed last year. Sony developed this personal A/C unit with its release to go hand-in-hand with the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Obviously, it's not going to happen with the Olympics moving to 2021, but Sony decided to move ahead with its release and is on sale to the public.

It's called the Sony Reon Pocket, which looks like a mini audio recorder, that sits in a specially designed t-shirt that has a pocket in the back between the shoulders. The unit is controlled by an app and it actually filters heat away from the body, and promises to cool you as much as 23 degrees Fahrenheit on hot days (not your internal body temperature, the air temperature around you, duh).

It can ALSO heat you up when it's cold outside. The battery sucks, though - only lasting a few hours depending on how hard it needs to work.

You can grab one for $120 in the Sony Online store. The shirt holder is extra at $20.

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