Amazon Delivery Woman in Delaware Follows HILARIOUS 'Special Instructions'

So my family and I share our Amazon Prime account -- and often times I forget to check/ change the address, so my parents get a lot of my packages... OOPS.

But a teen in Delaware just got his parents GOOD, now that their Nest video has gone viral with national attention!

Lynn Staffieri, a resident of Magnolia DE, saw her Amazon delivery driver running away from her house when got the notification from her Nest doorbell video, and she wondered what she just witnessed...

So when she listened back with sound, the delivery woman had knocked 3 times and shouted "Abracadabra!" and sprinted away!

When she showed her family the video, her son came forward saying that he left that as a bizarre "special instruction" on his last Amazon order, and Mom didn't even think to check and see if It would still be there for hers.

The fact that the Amazon Delivery Driver followed through with this is not only HILARIOUS, but the content we all need!

Check out the video below!

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