What To Say When You Feel The Pressure To Speak Up But Don't Know How...

Our society is going through something crucial right now, and It's called CHANGE.

Change is difficult for anyone, but nothing worth fighting for is easy -- which is why the Black Lives Matter Movement is conquering the nation right now; Not just as a direct result of the murder of George Floyd, but because of centuries worth of built up frustration from a reoccuring injustice and systemic racism that's simply not being recognized by the greater community.

Now for me to even understand my own statement above, I had to take a second, educate myself, and listen to those around me whose voices need to be louder than mine right now.

Growing up as a privileged white girl, I'm learning to understand that I will NEVER fully understand what the African American race has to go through. And because of that, I shamefully have to admit that I've been absolutely terrified to speak out on the cause. Simply because I don't know HOW:

"What's the right thing to say? When do I say It? HOW do I say It?"

As a radio personality, I felt an immense amount of pressure to discuss this civil rights movement before I was educated enough or ready to. The memes about "If you're staying silent, you're a part of the problem," had me scrambling trying to find the right words to say. We're always taught in broadcasting to "stay unbiased" "state the facts" "tell the truth" -- but here's the thing; The TRUTH isn't being told in full anymore...we're facing the issue of inhumanity. And THAT, is the truth. As someone who works in media, we are glamorizing the looting & the vandalism and in turn, that is putting this misdirected stigma on peaceful protesters who's messages are getting overshadowed by the violence.

But how do I articulate all of that in my 30 second breaks? Correctly, and effectively?

You don't. You let the people whose voices need to be heard do It -- it's not my story to tell, my job is to uplift It. And that's why on #BlackOutTuesday -- I stayed muted, and opened up that conversation with people on social media about educating me on It more so that I could learn and do my job better for them, for us.

And for everyone that reached out, they joined me on my podcast Serving SiRACHA on a new series I'd like to call "Feeling The Pressure To Speak Up, But Not Sure How? Stop, Just Listen"

If you're feeling a pressure to SPEAK UP in favor of the Black Lives Matter Movement, but are scared because you're not sure how? Here's some things I've learned advice:

  1. Your Fear, is SELFISH.
  2. Open up your hearts, LISTEN to what people have to say, and empathize so we can come to an understanding.
  3. Have the hard conversations, ask the hard questions, and in the end you'll feel so much better because you LEARNED something. Growth comes from learning, and that's where we start.

But don't take It from me, take It from some very captivating people who I've had the pleasure of learning from: Aleeya Mayo & Amadou Gueye below you can listen to our podcast and I hope It allows you to listen & learn for yourselves like It did for me!

Also, check out some of the most powerful shots from the protesting in Center City from one of my favorite Philly Photographers📸: Wave Lane

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