CHOP Hosts Virtual Talent Series To Keep Patients Entertained In Quarantine

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia will always hold a special place in my heart. Not just for all they do to help keep kids alive during a health crisis, but for the never ending love they show to their patients as well.

Being in a hospital is scary to anyone, let alone a child. So I find It absolutely amazing the way that CHOP provides entertainment to these children to help them forget that they're going through something so significant. Which is why I always find It such an honor to take part in their in hospital activities -- such as CHOP IDOL, a talent show they hosted for the kids and faculty that I was so honored to be on the "celebrity judging panel" for!

But since this year is a little different, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, CHOP has of course found new and exciting ways to spread some cheer within the hospital -- all while staying social distant!

I'm so honored to be the 2nd guest (following Coach Doug Pederson -- which are some big shoes to fill ) of CHOP's Virtual Talent Series, where they bring in local AND national "public figures" for a quick little Q&A and game session to play and interact with the patients at the hospital!

Check out my chat with DJ Matty P below, the host of the series who helped put this all together!

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