FedEx Worker Gets Wonderful Surprise & Powerful Message During Delivery

With the Coronavirus pandemic on the minds of everyone, it has brought panic to millions of Americans and a slowdown to our daily lives. Governments have ordered people to shelter at home to "flatten the curve" and slow the spread of the virus.

That's what makes this story about a FedEx driver so amazing. According to the post made by the unnamed driver, a FedEx customer placed a "care package" outside their home which was full of water, canned goods, Gatorade and the very elusive toilet paper. There was also a note telling drivers to take as much as they needed.

The note read, “Thank you for being committed to the human race, we are depending on you! Take anything you want!” plus the note mentioned that each item had been sanitized.

Check out the post below! So awesome right?

Photo: Getty Images

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