'3 Mile' Jump Rope Workouts That You Can Do At Home In 10 Minutes! [VIDEO]

Did you know that jump roping for 10 minutes is equivalent to a 3 mile run outside?

Being stuck in this quarantine has unleashed on of my biggest fears (given yes, the whole pandemic thing is pretty scary)... running for exercise.

Now I'd like to think I stay pretty active, I usually go to the gym everyday and get my cardio in on the elliptical. But now with the gyms closed, I'm starting to feel like running outside may be the only choice left. And trust me when I say I HATE running, I never understood how the track kids could run for MILES for enjoyment!!

So if you're like me and DREAD running (even though, I've bit the bullet on It a few times throughout this quarantine) -- here are some at-Home workouts you can do with a jump rope that are equivalent to running 3 miles... and you only have to do them for 10 minutes!

PSA: I'm not a trainer by any means -- but this is what my boxing coach told me to do everyday when I was training and honestly by the end of the 10 minutes, I believed him. I felt like I had literally ran 3 miles in 10 minutes!

Check out the different types of jump rope exercises you can do while at home in quarantine:

Good motivation if you're missing your gym visits! - Thumbnail Image

Good motivation if you're missing your gym visits!

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