Dua Lipa Stars in 90's Sitcom "Dua's World"

Dua Lipa is on fire right now especially with her anthem "Don't Start Now" that you've most definitely heard on the airwaves. You've probably even seen it in a more comical sense with it's use on Tik Tok. And Dua keeps the momentum going with the release of "Dua's World". It's the perfect parody of what 90's sitcoms were all about. From the intro, to the studio audience reactions, a dilemna that needs to be resolved by the end of the episode, it is just classic 90's! Check it out here!

I honestly would watch 6 seasons of that and a movie! If you want to hear more of Dua Lipa's jams like "Don't Start Now" and her brand new single "Physical" hit the links or make your playlist on the iHeartRadio app!

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