Stephanie Poetri Teaches "The Renegade" Dance to Rach & Eliott

One of the most viralest (not a word) dances on the internets (also not a word) is without question "The Renegade" Whether you're scrolling on Instagram or TikTok you have definitely seen someone trying to do this dance. Some are better than others but everyone wants a part of that Renegade action! Luckily we had our pal Singer/Songwriter Stephanie Poetri teach us the dance since she's self proclaimed obsessed with TikTok. Stephanie is no stranger to TikTok as she as her own song "I Love You 3000" popping off on there. And she just dropped 2 new singles "Do You Love Me" and "Touch"

As long as "The Renegade" dance has been around the creator of the dance finally got some recognition. First it was just her name floating around so she could be recognized, but Jalaiah got to do so much more. Including performing at the NBA All-Star game!

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