Southwest Airlines Wants Passengers To Call Out 'Unwelcome Behavior'

This is a first for a major U.S. airline.

Southwest Airlines has reworked their pre-flight safety briefing to include language that encourages passengers to speak up and 'call out' unwanted behavior from their peers on the flight. Pretty cool to see the airline take a proactive approach to the many bad behaviors we have seen on airlines in recent years - you know, the loud, profanity-filled passengers who get escorted off the aircraft?

According to the airline, “Southwest’s pre-flight Emergency Briefing and Demonstration is now written to conclude with: ‘We are here for your comfort and safety. Please report any unwelcome behavior to a flight attendant.’”

Let's just hope passengers won't abuse this newfound power to speak up and voice their concerns of another. (i.e. "The person next to me smells and is chewing loudly.")

It's a pretty simple message - stop messing around on flights. For your safety and the safety of others.

Southwest Airlines Airplane

Photo: Grace Wartman / Getty Images

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