Why You'll See Demi Lovato Perform At A Super Bowl Halftime Show

Demi Lovato is a lot of things, and you might have to add psychic to that list. Years ago Demi sent out this tweet.

Did you peep the timestamp on that one? February 7, 2010! 10 years ago Demi put that into the universe and 10 years later she did that!

I'm a big believer of speaking things into existence. You'd be surprised how many things happen by just you saying it out loud and believing that it will be true. Which brings me to my next point. You are going to see Demi Lovato at another Super Bowl in the future. Only this time she will be doing the half time show. How do I know this? Because Demi said so herself, and given her track record I wouldn't bet against her. I just hope it's not 10 years from now

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