Ohio Man Attacks McDonald's Worker Over Cost Of McDouble Burgers

In your daily WTF? A man in Ohio has been charged with “felonious assault” after he assaulted an employee at an Akron McDonald’s who he… “suspected of charging too much for two McDoubles.” Yep… he attacked him before allegedly overcharging the burgers.2

The 33-year old victim says she was working at the store when he began to yell at her over the cost of the order. The other employees subsequently asked him to leave, but he refused to do so. Things turned violent when he then pulled out a knife and walked around the corner to confront her. He even swung the knife and cut the victim on her forearm, according to police.

Employees eventually were able to escort him out of the building and the police found him a few blocks away. The victim was treated at the scene for her injury, and the man is set to appear in court today.

Photo: Getty


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