Doctor Saves Man's Life By Sucking Urine From His Bladder For 37 Mins!

This story is truly INSANE - but so heroic, right?!

A man upon a China Southern Airlines flight to New York this week saved a man’s life in a mid-flight emergency by sucking urine from his bladder for nearly 40 minutes straight!

What happened to cause it? An elderly passenger had a swollen stomach and started complaining of severe stomach pains, leading cabin crews to put out a call if there was a doctor on board. Vascular surgeon Zhang Hong was aboard, and determined that the old man had about a LITER of urine trapped in his bladder, and wasn’t able to urinate.

The plain still had 6 hours to go until landing, and with a possible fatal rupture occurring, he came up with a plan to rig a device together — but only one problem, he had no pump, so he had to use his own lips to get the urine out. He sat with the patient for 37 minutes getting the urine out, and managed to save the man’s life.

It was all caught on video - check out the incredible episode below:



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