The Top 10 Budget Killers That Cause Us To Overspend

According to a new poll, the average American spends about $143 per week over their budget, which amounts to over $7,000 annually.

While three in four Americans (74%) say their have some type of budget plan, almost that same amount say that it's difficult to stay within the plan.

Here's what the people polled say they overspend on, the "budget killers":

1. Online shopping.

2. Groceries.

3. Subscriptions (Netflix, Hulu)

4. Gadgets.

5. Buying lunch every day instead of packing one.

6. Household essentials.

7. Coffee.

8. Food delivery.

9. Gym memberships.

10. Entertainment (movies and concerts) 

I probably do all ten of those at some point in the week. Online shopping is hard NOT to do, because of how easy it is.

Can I borrow someone's Netflix password?

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