KFC Testing Out New 'Chicken & Donuts' Special

It’s been a big day for fast food - first Pizza Hut announced their new “Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza”, and now KFC is trying to top it (and maybe Popeyes too) with their new “Chicken & Donuts” special!

You can either get chicken with donuts on the side (a la Chicken & Waffles), or you can get an actual Chicken & Donut SANDWICH! They’re both available now, but only in certain locations in PA & VA.

Unfortunately, most of the locations in PA are on the other side of PA, near Pittsburgh. You can check out a list of locations right here. Hopefully they bring it here very soon!

Will you be trying it if it makes its way over here? (Which is pretty likely with these test items!)


Pizza Hut Announces New Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza - Thumbnail Image

Pizza Hut Announces New Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza

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