Hurricane Dorian's Expected Impact On Philadelphia & Jersey Shore

As Hurricane Dorian raises to a Category 3 storm and is now currently in the Carolinas, many people in our area are wondering what the expected impact will be for us.

6ABC reports that the storm is likely to be downgraded to a Cat 2 when it hits North Carolina Thursday into Friday, and then most likely fall to a Category 1 on Friday. They expect that it'll likely be about 200 miles off the coast of Jersey.

The current model also shows that it will "mostly brush by" the Philly region.

What does this all mean? Down the shore, the forecast is calling for 0.5 to 1 inch of rain, but tides will be high, and there's possibility for coastal flooding. Dangerous rip currents are likely and surf will be heavy, so it's possible beaches may be shut down for periods of time.

6ABC also reports that rainfall is expected in Philly on Friday, especially at our coast, but that winds will mostly be the issue - with gusts hitting 30-35 mph.

Check out more from 6ABC right here.

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