The Internet Found Out Chuck E. Cheese's Backstory And Everyone's Shook

Well, you truly learn something new everyday — and this one particularly has people shook. A tweet has now gone semi-viral describing Chuck E. Cheese’s background, and it seems that nobody knew exactly what it entailed (including us).

What exactly is Chuck E. Cheese’s backstory? You’d think it would be very quaint and family-friendly, but nope!

Wikipedia currently has the following:

Chuck's official backstory is that he is an orphaned mouse who does not know his own birthday. His orphanage was called St. Marinara' s orphanage.[2]To make up for never having a birthday party of his own, he hosts parties for children. After winning a tournament, Chuck moved to New York and started working as a singer at an Italian restaurant, where he also met and befriended a musically-inclined chef named Pasqually as the drummer. Eventually, he moved to California and created his own restaurant franchise, with Pasqually becoming his star chef and later joining his band.[3]The two would go on to find others to join the band, eventually recruiting a talented vocalistchicken named Helen Henny, a purple keyboardist monster named Mr. Munch (who absolutely loves pizza), and a country music-loving bloodhound named Jasper T. Jowls.

So, he's an orphaned mouse who doesn't know his birthday and the reason why he hosts parties is because he never had one of his own. Certainly very dark, no? Couldn't they have made it something a little more fun? Did you know about his background?



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