Family Finds Live Frog In Pre-Packaged Salad Container At Grocery Store

Not something you want to ever see when you buy something from the grocery store! A family in North Shore, Wisconsin got a shock when they bought a store-bought pre-packaged salad from Pick ’n Save, and they found a LIVE frog in it! The brand was “Simple Truth Organic Lettuce”, and when they first saw it in there, they were shocked. “Holy moly, this is happening.”

The family pulled out their phone and started recording, and wondering how the frog even got in there. What’s even more interesting — they were planning on returning it to the store, but somehow the frog escaped overnight from the packaging! What?! She still ended up taking it back to the store though, and letting them know what happened.

Pick ’n Save’s parent company told CNN that these situations “happen occasionally when organic products are involved.”

After seeing this, maybe it’s a good idea to check your salads or any organic pre-packaged food just in case next time, because you never know if something like this could happen!

Check out the family's video below.



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