Dog The Bounty Hunter's Store Burglarized, Beth's Personal Items Stolen

This is completely terrible - After dealing with the heartbreaking aftermath of his wife, Beth’s death, Dog the Bounty Hunter now has to deal with his Colorado store being burglarized.

The Blast reports that Dog was told on Thursday that a bunch of stuff from the family store had been taken, and they only “stumbled” upon the ransack after a member of Dog’s team had gone by the store. They also report that the stolen items including “thousands of dollars in clothing and Dog and Beth merchandise from their various TV shows.”

What’s even worse — they say that some of Beth’s personal items were taken as well, including her bounty hunting gear and “priceless family mementos.” Who would do such a thing?! Especially considering they report that those personal items were in a makeshift memorial inside the store for the late store. Really terrible stuff.

There is no suspects at this time.



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