TV Show Bumped From Broadcast Network To Streaming Service For New Season

You don't really see this too often - usually a show gets cancelled first and THEN picked up by a streaming network, not just randomly moving from a regular network to a streaming service after still getting renewed!

FOX announced this week that Seth MacFarlane comedy "The Orville" (which was just renewed a few months ago for Season 3), will not be on the network next season, but rather... HULU!

In a statement, he wrote that the show has been a "labor of love" for him and "Fox understood what I was trying to do", but the show has evolved now, become more ambitious, and with MacFarlane's schedule, it all just made sense to support the 3rd season somewhere else.

Season 3 isn't expected until late 2020, which appears to have something to do with it as well. For fans, it's gonna be a long wait, but shows tend to have more freedom on streaming, so hopefully it'll be for the better!


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