Ocean City Mayor Pleads With Visitors Not To Feed ‘Aggressive’ Seagulls

It’s something we here time and time again — when you’re down the Jersey Shore, don’t feed the seagulls - but people obviously do it anyway. Well, one Jersey Shore mayor is now PLEADING with visitors and residents to put a stop to it!

Ocean City Mayor Jay Gillian put out an open letter calling on residents to help “manage the problem”, saying that the birds have now become “aggressive” and even pose a “public safety hazard” after there were multiple reports of the birds (unsurprisingly) swooping down to grab food right out of visitor’s hands.

In his letter, he wrote, “Some people think it’s funny to feed the gulls and see them swarm. For the health and safety of both animals and humans, this must stop.” It’s also illegal infect to feed the seagulls in Ocean City.

Gillian added that he will work with food vendors and that his administration will “work with boardwalk merchants to explore the feasibility of netting, noise, and other ways” of dealing with the “aggressive” birds.



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