Disney World Guest Verbally Abused, Punched Cast Member Over Fast Pass

It was not the 'happiest place on earth' for a Disney World cast member when a guest got so angry that she PUNCHED them!

10 News reports that the guest got so frustrated when she was told her Fast Pass wouldn't work for the Tower of Terror ride that she ended up punching the worker. The Fast Pass wasn't valid for the ride, and that sent the 23-year old Chicago woman over the edge, making her upset and verbally aggressive. She then repeatedly starting pressing buttons at the podium (ones that could affect the ride - important ones!) and when the worker tried to get the woman's hand away, the woman punched the worker right in the face.

The worker had 'minor swelling near her left eye' but declined medical attention and prosecution.

The woman who hit her was not arrested, but has been 'trespassed' from Disney property.