New Pennsylvania Law Ends School Snow Days As We Know Them!

We’re really not sure how to feel about this! Snow Days could be a thing of the past for school districts in Pennsylvania very soon thanks to a new law!

Governor Tom Wolf signed into law a measure that now allows schools to declare a “flexible instruction” day for bad weather (usually snow), building issues, or a security threat. It even passed the Legislature with low resistance after trial runs in several districts in the commonwealth.

The measure says that students could continue instruction remotely at home while out of school through online or offline instruction, or a combination of the two, as a type of “cyber-snow day.” Each district would only be able to do up to 5 of these types of days a year.

The big catch - they ARE optional for each district, but at the same time, this now leaves every district able to do this if they feel inclined. The real question is, how many districts will actually do it? Or will many keep the tradition going of an *actual* snow day?

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